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We are loving this new resource. It's great and my year 5 child is loving it its so easy to use too (which is great for me who normally wants to throw technology out the window!)

ClareWe are loving this new resource!

It’s an amazing website!! Keeping my daughter engaged on online practising. 🙂

NaureenIt's an amazing website!

Excellent and timely idea for an app, and perfectly pitched. Very easy to use with children-friendly interface, and good range and selection of questions with clear explanations and answers. Would highly recommend.

GordonExcellent selection of questions - would definitely recommend!

Perfect for 11+ revision.


Really good, simple and to the point. Explanation for each answer is clear and guide kid to learn and apply it in next quiz

PreetiMust for 11 Plus

It's an excellent platform to practice 11plus. Definitely recommend.

RadhikaIt's an excellent platform to practice… It's an excellent platform to practice 11plus. Definitely recommend.


The most advanced platform for practising 11+ questions


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11+ Specialists

Here at ExamBuddy, we are 11+ specialists. This means that we have in depth knowledge of the 11+ syllabus, the different exam boards and what works best to help children pass the 11+.

Complete 11+ Curriculum

Our English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions are mapped to the GL, CEM and CSSE curricula.

Progress Tracking

Track your child’s scores over time and use our topic-by-topic score breakdown to help you systematically plan their 11+ preparation.

No Answer Books

All questions are marked instantly and detailed explanations are provided. No need to pay for answer books or worry about losing them again!

Review Completed Quizzes

Subscribers can review previously completed quizzes with the click of a button.

Compare Your Score

Compare your score to thousands of other 11+ candidates. Rankings update continuously as students complete quizzes.

Cost Effective

11+ preparation shouldn’t cost thousands of pounds. Our annual subscription works out to just 12p a day!

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ExamBuddy offers you the flexibility to choose monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly subscriptions.

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ExamBuddy subscribers have unlimited access to our 11+ questions.

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